Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Boris Johnson needs to learn from the lessons of Michael Heseltine if he wants to be PM

IT has not been much of a holiday for David Cameron. On Tuesday, Baroness Warsi resigned from his Cabinet, and yesterday his old friend – or should that be foe? – announced he was coming back to national politics.

Boris Johnson said he announced his intention to stand in the next election in order to stop the speculation over his future.

But the questions will now shift from whether he wants to become an MP to whether he wants to be Prime Minister.

The answer to the second question is the same as the answer to the first – yes.

But Boris is no fool. He knows taking on Cameron is a risky strategy, and he will also be aware what happened the last time a charismatic, blonde politician knifed a Tory leader.

Michael Heseltine never got to wear the crown, despite wielding the dagger over Margaret Thatcher.

Boris knows this. Boris knows in order to get into Number 10 he needs to be as far away from a coup as possible.

If the electorate doesn’t depose Dave in May, he will hope George Osborne or Theresa May will move first and cause the “ball to come loose from the back of the scrum”.

Boris will play nice up until the election, so for now, David Cameron can relax and enjoy his holiday.

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