Friday, 25 July 2014

Living Wage? Not if you want to work for Harriet Harman

Ed Miliband managed to get his favourite catchphrase into his ‘I’m weird – get over it!’ speech today – “cost-of-living crisis”.

One of Labour’s ways to tackle this is to roll out the Living Wage to workers – starting by only awarding Whitehall contracts to those who pay their staff the amount.

He has even threatened that those who pay less could be “named and shamed”.

Miliband is obviously keen for Government and politicians to lead by example.

Alas, it seems the message might not have reached his Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman.

She is currently recruiting for a Trainee Caseworker for her South London constituency of Camberwell and Peckham.

The post promises a wage of £17,000 per year.

If the employee does a standard 7.5 hour day, that works out at just £8.72 per hour.

According to the Living Wage Foundation, the London living wage should be £8.80.

Harriet Harman – named and shamed.

If you fancy the job – apply here

UPDATE: Having spoken to Harriet Harman's office, apparently the successful applicant for this "full-time role" will only have to work 35 hours a week - thus making the salary £9.34 an hour. Let's hope Ms Harman ensures the worker claims back time in lieu for the "occasional evening work" detailed in the job advert.


  1. I loathe and despise HH. But this is so thin, its thinner than a labour party attack line. Epic fail.

  2. And if it is a 7 hour day 9-5?

  3. Pathetic barrel scraping. Still, it does say 'Daily Express'.

  4. Labour being two faced, hypocritical and self righteously sanctimonious is nothing new, however this particular story does seem to be incredibly thin indeed.

  5. if you are going to throw stones, perhaps labour should check they arent living in the crystal palace first.
    preparation prevents pea poor performance and all that ... not just opening your mouth and hoping the peasants will believe anything you say

  6. Typical Express hack. This story is so lame it has even got right wing troll Guido Fawkes excited. Stick to Maddie McCann and the Weather.

  7. How delightful to see all the lefty hand-wringers on here saying it's not fair to criticise the Harpie p@edo supporter for being a hypocrite and not paying the living wage when she and her ilk spend every waking hour promulgating it.

    1. Correct sonna. Them liebore s**tebags is arl talk and champagne corks.
      Lamp posts and pianowire need to b allowed to 'marry' .